Health groups on Doctalkng are created by individuals, organizations, corporate bodies, associations, etc. in order to create support groups/forums where users and members of the public will network, share health tips, build peer support and continue to be sensitized on information related to a particular group’s area of interest or health condition of interest. Groups on Doctalkng are mandated to have admins who perform the role of moderators and control the tempo of the group as well as perform admin related roles required on the group.

How this site works is not static. It is subject to changes from time to time as we continue to build on our current service and improve on customer’s experience. You are hereby advised to always read periodically to keep abreast with latest information and functionalities as they are been introduced.

Information obtained from Doctalkng is meant to serve as basis for your further investigation into your health condition of interest and not a solution to your problem. Doctalkng aims to keep you fully aware of a health condition of interest by creating a platform of peer support groups where people share their health experiences, therapeutic approach to their health condition, obtain advice on nutritional requirements of your health conditions and measures implored to quit unhealthy habits etc.

Because of the personal and sensitive nature of certain health experiences on Doctalkng website, you are free to be Anonymous or use Usernames that may conceal your identity.

You are advised to keep your login details confidential, Doctalkng will not demand for your login details. If you forget your password, you may have to answer some security questions to be able to get access into your account again.

If you are a medic or a health personnel or you wish to create a health group on Doctalkng, you will be required to provide additional information about yourself with evidence to enable us to carry out a check or verification on you. Health groups on Doctalkng are required to have least of 2 Admins who will be responsible for managing the content and communication on the group, Doctalkng does not post content on groups and only has supervisory role to make changes initiated by group Admins or when flagged by users. New groups can be created and functional without delays but group owners must communicate the selected Admins to Doctalkng support, groups without admins are likely to be put on temporary freeze after 48 hours.

Due to the sensitive nature of information shared within health groups, Doctalkng encourages users to be disciplined and maintain maximum level of decorum. We seek to create a supportive atmosphere where health experiences will be shared truthfully and passionately. Use of vulgar words or indecent language is prohibited on this site, any content flagged or reported as abusive and harmful will be deleted and Admins can take the decisions of removing a group or community member for reasons related to violation of rules.

Group members posting health questions, tips or any material are expected to abide by the conditions of the group and instructions communicated by the group admin, violation of these conditions puts the member at risk of being blocked or even removed by the group admin. Using vulgar languages and trading of words is not allowed on Doctalkng groups, this will continually be moderated by the admins.

  • Sign up to create an account;
    Create an account on doctalkng website. Provide basic profile information as demanded. Provision of false profile information is prohibited.
  • Create Your Fundraising Campaign;
    On this crowdfunding package, Fund raising purposes are strictly for any of the following purposes:

– HealthCare Funding (Funding for Self or for a loved one)
– Health Project Funding (Funding to finance a healthcare related project)
– Donations for Charity (Donations are sent directly to the charity/group)

  • Share your funding campaign links to friends on social media sites and on doctalkng health groups, the more links you share the more you increase your chances of raising the target amount. Funds raised goes directly to you if you are raising funds for yourself or to the beneficiary if you are raising funds for someone else, in a situation where you are raising the funds for a 3rd party there has to be authorization from 3rd party before the amount is transferred to a different acc

You can perform withdrawal of funds raised any time in the course of your fundraising campaign and still keep the campaign running so your health will get immediate attention without delay, to enable cash withdrawal while campaign is still on you will have to select this option at the point of setting up the campaign. You can also get help from doctalkng support and admins if confused at any point in setting up your campaign. Cash withdrawal process takes few hours to process because of the approvals required by the doctalkng admin and time to process cash transfer to the campaigners registered bank account by the payment aggregators, every cash withdrawal and transfer process is completed within 24hours.

  • Presentation of campaign description should be straight forward and comprehensive. It should present the true picture of the campaign theme. Pictures and videos must reflect the campaign description.


  •  Share fundraising campaigns on Doctalkng Health Groups related to the health condition of the patient soliciting for funds and on social media sites for wider reach to prospective donors.


  • Share campaign links to known charity organizations and health support groups including individuals who are philanthropists


  • You can make appeals to media outlets (radios and television stations) for air time and refer the audience to your campaign page on doctalkng.

thin 24hours.

  • Presentation of campaign description should be straight forward and comprehensive. It should present the true picture of the campaign theme. Pictures and videos must reflect the campaign description.

thin 24hours.

Local Transaction: 
Local transactions refer to the donations made with local debit/credit cards or any bank to bank transfer charges, doctalkng payment aggregators requires a processing fee to enable all transactions processed successfully and this is deducted on each single donation made as stated here.
A deduction of 3% is made on all donations with an additional ₦100 charged for transactions above ₦2,500.00 (₦100 will be waived for all amounts less than ₦2,500). The processing fee is as a result of the fees required by the payment processing gateway and maintenance of the doctalkng service.

3% + N100 (N100 applies only for all transactions and donations > N2500)

International Transaction:
Doctalkng will charge a commission of 5% on all international transactions plus ₦100 for transaction above ₦2,500 ((₦100 will be waived for all amounts less than ₦2,500). The equivalent naira amount in foreign currency will be deducted for all the stated charges.

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