About us

This service ‘doctalkng’ is an all health social network and health crowdfunding platform, we are creating a solution to build awareness and enlightenment on different health conditions using the strength of numbers and bringing everyone within the healthcare sector and those with different health concerns to a common place where their voices will be more pronounced and share information related to their health experiences freely. Where would you rather want to discuss about your health if not on a platform where the only concern is on health and staying healthy, there are many groups on doctalkng always online and building a strong social health network for health needs. doctalkng as constituted at present comprises of groups and communities of different health concerns with the members including health professionals from all categories all committed to sharing useful knowledge, building confidence on the public to better understand their health conditions and grow their health social network. This platform also offers crowdfunding for health projects and other health-related projects.

Groups on doctalkng are made up of members of the general society from different areas of specialty within the health sectors who provide vital information on health issues, treatment and knowledge on better management of different health challenges while the crowdfunding service present funding opportunities for those in critical need of finance required for their medical treatments and alternative funding for health related charity goals using the popular crowdfunding system that has proven to be reliable and successful across the world.

The benefits of using the doctalkng platform to access vital life-saving health information and health projects as well as treatment funds cannot be overemphasized, being a health centered platform connecting all the different players within the healthcare community you are sure to get help and donations from caring members of the community.

DocTalkNG was founded in 2018 to address a pressing need in the society where we have members of the health community (patients and caregivers) living and existing in Silo’s, the vision for this project started as an experimental tool for creating local communities of shared health concerns which will continually disrupt the identified challenges within the healthcare & wellbeing community and an interface for rendering charity to those in need. We officially launched on Beta Test on 27th November 2018.


A major challenge in Healthcare is visible in the paradigm shift resistance by people within the sub-Saharan who are yet to relate with information pertaining to their health conditions freely online and again the gap in embracing digital revolutions in healthcare, to tackle these challenges was a big task and thus we had to deal with extensive enlightenment carried out physically and across wide social networks online. For the health society to become well positioned as a health data driven society the people must learn more about their health conditions easily and become more informed and when this is achieved there will be better engagement by the health organizations and the health professionals, with an open society online where individuals can engage with others and anonymously according to individual choices a first step in information sharing and data acquisition will be greatly achieved. DocTalkNG is delving into this challenge and providing a solution to address access, data and primary healthcare limitations.

Glimpse into the Future:

Our roadmap will have DocTalkNG evolve to become the biggest health social network with provisions for personalized health services at the convenience of the users with the capacity to offer Realtime streamlined health solutions to our happy community of users, the opportunity to raise funds on our platform using crowdfunding will continue to improve and will offer great relief in alternative funding for health issues and other health related projects.

We strive to also reach those in very remote parts of the world especially the people living in economically disadvantaged rural areas and offer vital health information in Realtime and personalized health services, with this we will be growing the number of healthy citizens which will increase productivity and longevity and thus increase wealth in the society.

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